Bpay® is an electronic payment system, created and developed specifically for the Australian market. Bpay® is a great and easy way to handle your bills and for online money transfer between merchants and online gambling websites. Bpay® is connected to all large Australian financial institutes and is the most common way to pay or make money transactions online to billers and to gambling sites. Bpay® is a simple and easy way of handling the user’s money online and the Bpay® service can be used with any of the Bpay® account holder’s regular bank accounts or credit card.

Bpay® is a leading solution in electronic bill payment solutions in Australia and connects the Bpay® user with the 170 financial institutes that runs all major banks in Australia. Bpay® is used by more than 16.000 companies to send bills through to customers and over 90% of the population in Australia has access to a Bpay® account. In 2008, over 185 million transactions were performed with the use of the Bpay® system. The total value of these transfers reached 145 billion Australian Dollars. When one uses the Bpay® system to deposit money for gambling into a players account on a site offering sports bets, casino games, poker tables or a bingo hall it is very easy for a Bpay® customer to choose from what account the payment should be done: credit account or bank account.

A Bpay® customer has the possibility to pay bills or shop online using the Bpay® payment system. The Bpay® electronic payment system is a service connected to banks, phone banks and credit cards enabling the customer to pay for services and goods online. When signing up a Bpay® account the Bpay® user attaches one or more bank accounts such as the checking account and the savings account and the customer can also attach credit card to be used by the Bpay® system. When paying a bill the customer simply enters the Bpay® code on the bill into the Bpay® site and the Bpay® site then verifies the payment. The bill will then be automatically paid from the account or credit card the user wants the money to be withdrawn from.

Note: 1). the registered trademark “Bpay” is owned by the: the Bpay Group. 2). the website Gambling Deposits has no relation or involvement with The Bpay Group and only supplies information on deposit options used to fund online gaming accounts. 

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Available Currency:

Bpay® is an all Australian electronic payment system that is woven into 170 banks and financial institutes. The payment solution was launched in November 1997 and has grown tremendously. They now offer simulair services as Diners Club bingo to over 90% of the Australian population. The transactions are handled fast and reliable and can easily be viewed in the account of the user after the payment is performed. When using Bpay® it becomes easy to schedule several payments at the same time and the user can make a choice between sending a payment to the merchant or the company. Since it is an all Australian company all transactions are made in Australian Dollars.

Bpay® offers the following currencies to have a Bpay® account in: Australian Dollar.


Bpay® offers their service only in English, since it is an all Australian company. The language covers all of the population within the market of the Bpay® Payment service. Customer support is available through the local financial institute or bank that the Bpay® user has connected to the Bpay® account. Holders of a Bpay® account can contact Bpay® by phone or by an email form on the Bpay® website. It is possible to connect accounts from several different banks into the same Bpay® account making Bpay® the only service needed when you have to pay a bill or want to transfer money to an online gaming site.

Bpay® offers the following languages to make use of their services: English.

General Info:

Bpay® is a subsidiary of CardLink Services Limited (CSL). CardLink is owned by a confederation of banks in Australia. These banks are ANZ, BankW, National Australia Bank, St George Bank, Westpac and Commonwealth Bank. Cardlink Services is run by a board that consists of five members. These five board members are nominated by the share holders, mainly the financial institutes that own Cardlink Services Limited. Cardlink is the largest credit card and electronic payment provider in Australia and is the partner of over 170 banks across Australia and processes millions of payments every week. CardLink and Bpay® are highly environmentally aware and have a paper saver calculator on their website. Entropay is also used a lot by Australian gamlers to make Entropay casino, pokers and bingo deposits. This shows the customers exactly how much Bpay® helps the environment. Between January 2007 and December 2008 B pay has saved an amount paper equaling 1858 trees (293 tons) and the energy to run 29 houses in a year (434464.80 kWh)


Bpay® first came to being when it was launched 18 November 1997. The company which launched the new Bpay® product has been strongly involved in the Australian financial market many years before the Bpay® product itself was invented. The owner of Bpay®, Cardlink Services Limited (CSL) was established as early as 1978 with the goal to provide a credit card system though out Australia. In 1988 the Company changed it name into the now used Cardlink Services Limited and restated the goals for the organization. In 1997 the Bpay® payment system was launched with 9 financial institutes backing up the payment technology. 1 person was employed and it was used by 35 customers as a billing service for 35 merchants and during the first month it 235,000 payments were handled via Bpay® with a combined value of $37 million.

10 years later Bpay® employees 14 people and is spread over all of Australia .170 financial institutes offer the Bpay® system. In July 2007 the figures for merchants using Bpay® as a way of paying bills started to cross the 16.000 burden, while over 18 million payments were done with Bpay® and over 11.2 billion Australian dollars were transferred using Bpay®.

Contact Details:

You can get in touch with Bpay® using following contact details:
Bpay® / CardLink Services Limited
Level 4, 3 Rider Boulevard
PO Box 3545
Rhodes NSW 2138
Tel: (02) 8252 0500
E-mail: info@bpay.com.au