EcoCard is a electronic payment system that is created to cater the needs of all sorts of commerce made online (so called e-commerce). EcoCard is an online wallet or so called e-wallet combined with an actual prepaid debit card that makes it possible for the user to first deposit funds into the account and then use the funds to either buy merchandise from online stores or to deposit funds into the different gambling sites that are spread across the internet.

Eco Card is a payment method that can be able to handle several different currencies in the same account making it easy to use to deposit money into most of the online gambling portals in the users own currency. The usability of the system is simple smooth and easy for the user and nearly all countries can use EcoCard to make a deposit into an online casino, bingo room poker site or sportsbook accept residents that are based in the United States that only can use the financial payment system to purchase items from online stores or to book flights from an online travel agency. The EcoCard system is able to be used at all online operators that accept MasterCard no matter if it is a gambling site or other merchant,  these also accepted Instant Wire Casino transactions and eNets bingo deposits

EcoCard is a good and simple tool to be able to use money on internet and the service can be easily accessed by the account holder from anywhere in the world. When an account has been created the account holder deposits money into the EcoCard wallet by using either a credit card or the local bank to make a bank transfer. When the money is in the e-wallet it is possible to spend anywhere the user would like. EcoCard does not show any personal details to any third party making the user anonymous towards the gambling site.

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Available Currency:

It is possible to register several accounts in the EcoCard portal and assign different currencies which make it easy to switch between the different currencies that are offered by Eco. All the New accounts are that a user creates are possible to change the names on them so they are easy to find when searching for the account of ythe users choice when making a deposit to a online gambling site or making a purchase from an online retailer. The EcoCard is available in 23 different currencies to cater most of the world.

EcoCard offers the following currencies to have a EcoCard account in: US Dollar, Euro, UK Pound Sterling, Canadian Dollar, Danish Krone, Norwegian Kroner, Swedish Krona, Japanese Yen, Turkish Lira, Polish Zloty, Hong Kong Dollar, South African Rand, Swiss Franc, Singapore Dollar, Czech Koruna, Romanian Lei, Hungarian Forint, Estonian Kroon, Latvian Lat, Lithuanian Litas, Bulgarian Lev, Israeli Shekel, Slovakian Koruna.


EcoCard has made themselves available to most parts of the world as long as the user can speak or understand any of the 7 languages that are provided by EcoCard on their payment options website. When a language is supported it is possible to review all the frequently answered questions at the FAQ section in the same language. The Support is working between 07.00 and 17.00 every weekday and is available in all the languages that the EcoCard site can be viewed in.

EcoCard offers the following languages to make use of their services: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Greek, Russian.

General Info:

EcoCard is a payment system that has been created to be sure that all their users can use their e-wallet and EcoCard when condoning business online with different merchants. EcoCard is run by a European company EcoCard Ltd and is a part of the Com Tec Co Grup  that focuses on financial solutions online and is operated from Luxemburg a small country in the middle of Europe. The Software is easy to understand and has lots of good features such as the possibility to open up several different accounts all with different currencies. EcoCard also features a history function where a user easily can find any payout that has been made out to any merchant or to evaluate where a deposit to the EcoCard account will be processed nd ready to be used by the holder of the account.


EcoCard was developed to fit the growing internet market in the late 1990:s and was first introduced to the market early in the year 2000. The project started out as a safe way to handle money online and in the initial stages EcoCard Ltd also decided to add their own debit card to the online account that has to be prepaid. The Card was first distributed by themselves but at later stages EcoCard started to negotiate with MasterCard.

Today the plastic Eco Card is provided by MasterCard and a cardholder can easily use the Prepaid Debit Card in any of the locations or ATM machines that accepts the original MasterCard payment service. EcoCard does not only feature a prepaid card, they also feature a virtual card that is easy to use online instead of a normal credit card.

Contact Details:

You can get in touch with EcoCard trough the following contact details:
EcoCard Ltd
46 A, Avenue J.F. Kennedy
Luxembourg, L-1855
Fax: +44 (0) 870 763 0188
Tel: +44 (0) 870 763 0177
E-mail: Mail form trough the website.