The Entropay card is well known as a debit card or credit card and as a convenient and reliable payment option in stores, restaurants, travel agencies, online and offline in more than 170 countries and territories. The card can be used for online gambling transaction and works like American Express poker deposits. Visa Inc is a global network of banks and merchants that issues cards to the customer, to use practically anywhere that the Visa card owner stays at that moment. It is reliable, convenient and secure. With the online market expanding at its current rate, and as it has done with shops and online gaming, a lot of people have moved their shopping from local merchants to online alternatives.

With this change from old habits of shopping (in land based shops) into a new era of online shopping, the T&E industry has experienced that the demands for more safety in the payment methods has grown stronger. With this in mind Visa has introduced the Entropay card to the market. Entropay is a virtual debit card made just for the purpose to shop online or to make transfers to online gambling sites in a secure way. When you set up the Entropay account, the customer connects a credit or debit card directly to the Entropay account. After this is done, the customer is able to transfer money from the Visa or Master credit card into the EntroPay and after that the Visa Entropay card works as a prepaid card.

After the Entropay card has been set up, it will automatically generate a card number, an expiry date and a Security Code (CVV). When you use the Entropay for purchases in online stores or deposits to an online casino or sportsbook, the Entropay card holder only has to provide the virtual card number along with the expiry date, CVV code and the username picked when the user registered the Entropay card.  This is exactly how a customer would do with a Visa or Mastercard but the difference is that the EntroPay account is topped up before you use the Entropay card. This way, you only use a username instead of the credit cards own name.

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Available Currency:

When you set up the Entropay account, three different currencies can be selected: Euro, British Pound (sterling) and the US Dollar. But when you top up the Entropay card while using a regular credit card, the deposits will always be from the local currency that is stated on the card. When withdrawing funds from the Virtual Visa Card the same thing applies, meaning that the funds returned to the card will be shown in the credit cards local currency. When transfers are made the daily exchange rates apply.

Entropay offers the following currencies to merchants and consumers: US Dollar, Euro, UK Pound Sterling.


The virtual debit card of Visa Entropay has it site set up in a few different languages, but with these languages they target nearly the entire western and eastern world. As a part of the Entropay customer support it is possible to email the support or contact them using the secure chat inside the Entropay account and a customer agent will contact you in which ever of the languages the user wants to be helped in.

Entropay offers the following languages to make use of their services: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese.

General Info:

Entropay is a part of Ixaris Systems LTD a payment software provider Certified by the FSA (Financial Service Authority) of the United Kingdom. Ixaris certification from the Financial Services Authority states that they are allowed to operate as a small e-money issuer to their online customers. Entropay and Ixaris treat all their customers in accordance to the UK data protection act and will not share any personal details with third parties. Visa Entro pay takes great pride in making all their payments and money transfers fully secure, so what they use is a 128 bit encryption when you send the money to merchants or online accounts such as an online gamblingplayers account. Visa Entropay records all transactions done to and from the online account and virtual debit card, to make it easy to trace back on all details regarding transactions. UsemyBank casino transactions are a safe and secure alterernative for Entropay gambling deposits. If the customer uses the online chat for help, all contacts with the helpdesk are stored in the EntroPay account. This makes it easy to go back and review the discussion or the help given.


In 2000 a payment solution software company emerged in the United Kingdom: Ixaris Systems LTD. Their main goal was to supply the online community with a safe and easy way to handle online transactions. In 2002 Ixaris had the help of a big investor to invest into the company and their new idea: the EntroPay card. In December 2003 Entropay was first launched in English. With the help of more funding in 2004, the Entropay product evolved into a new an innovative way of making payments on the World Wide Web.

In 2006 Ixaris Services LTD received two grants for Research and Development issued by one of nine English Regional Development Agencies (RDAs). This was also followed by further funds invested into the company. All The funds and hard work has finally paid off in the form of Ixaris flagship Entropay.  Today the company has its parental company based in the UK and responsible for the marketing, sales and definition of the Entropay system. The other part is a sub-company based in Malta with the research and development department.

Contact Details:

You can get in touch with Visa Entropay trough the following contact details:
Ixaris Systems Ltd
Entropay Enquiries
Lasenby House
32 Kingly Street
London W1B 5QQ
United Kingdom
Tel: N/A
E-mail: support@entropay.com