EziPay is a direct debit payment system which connects an e-wallet and a debit card for the consumer to use in any country in the world. The new payment method EziPay is actually an old system, with the cheesy name of Pay Spark. This has been changed to the name of the new service: EziPay. The parental company CSC24seven is a Cypriot company, licensed as an e-money company and regulated by the by the Central bank of Cyprus. When a company bears the e-money registration, it means that the company is allowed to handle small sums of money up to €5000 in every account.  

EziPay has combined some of the most crucial parts for online payments. EziPay offers fast transactions to and from online casino sites, fast deposits into the EziPay e-wallet, a great overview of all transactions made with the EziPay account and a Debit card directly connected to the EziPay e-wallet account. When you use an online wallet, one of the most important things is to have access to the online money without having to wait for several days until it reaches the user’s wallet. EziPay has created a debit card in direct contact with the online wallet; the card can be used in any ATM worldwide that displays the MasterCard symbol or you can use the card at merchants that offers the possibility to make payments with the Maestro card.  

Making transfers into EziPay online account is as easy as the withdrawal methods. The EziPay account holder can use a credit or debit card such as a MasterCard or Maestro, wire transfers, a bank transfer or get funds from another EziPay account holder. As soon as the money is visible in the e-wallet, they are ready to be deposited into an online gambling site. Therefore, you are able to use the direct payment system from the EziPay e-wallet. Apart from being smooth and easy to access when you use the EziPay website, it has great limits of use for online gamblers. EziPay allows the user to transfer up to $3000 every day. The one thing that is tricky with the EziPay is to actually get a hold of an EziPay account.  The customer needs to fill out an application and then be invited to join the program. When the invitation is approved, the customer needs to send in Due Diligence Documents such as a copy of a passport or driver’s license and a utility bill to prove that all information is correct.

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Available Currency:

EziPay is an online e-wallet based in Cyprus and to make the e-wallet as commercial as possible (at least throughout the western world) EziPay has chosen to release the EziPay wallet in 3 different currencies:  EURO, US Dollar and Great British Pound. When a deposit is done with the help of a wire transfer or credit card, the EziPay service will exchange the used currency into one of the three chosen. When you make an ATM withdrawal, the ATM will deliver the money in the local currency. All transfers to and from EziPay have daily exchange rates applying to them if the transfer isn’t made in one of the three currencies EziPay supports.

EziPay offers the following currencies to have an EziPay account and card in: US Dollar, Euro, UK Pound Sterling.


English is the only language officially supported by the payment solution EziPay and it is the only language featured on the EziPay website even if the website features flag symbols and a scroll down list with multiple languages to choose from. These language flags and the roll down list are linked to a PDF document explaining the website in various languages. The PDF document also includes the most common words and phrases that are used within the EziPay online e-wallet. This is to ensure it is manageable for non-English speakers as well.

EziPay offers the following languages to make use of their services: English.

General Info:

EziPay is owned and operated by CSC24seven, a Cypriot company with its base in the Cypriot town Larnaca on the Greek side of the island of Cyprus. CSC24seven is a company founded by two other companies: DataCash Limited and S.A.L holdings, a credit card service company. CSC24seven was created to offer a risk free payment system for online customers. The parental company of Ezi Pay is authorized by the Cypriot Central Bank and holds a license which allows them to operate an e-money business. When combining DataCash Limited and S.A.L, EziPay is able to handle financial transactions in high volumes. The EziPay customers are offered both a comprehensive e-wallet service with easy and understandable features along with an EziPay Debit card connected to the e-wallet for easy withdrawals from an ATM.


CSC24seven Ltd, the company which operates the EziPay payment solution, e-wallet and credit card service was founded by CreditCard Services Company S.A.L a holdings company and DataCash Services Limited in 2003. The new founded company CSC224seven Ltd acquired a license from the Central Bank of Cyprus to operate an e-money business. The goal for these two operators was to use their extensive knowledge in the payment process industry and to develop a product that would offer a new level of ease and security in payment processing’s for online payments. The Product released was an e-wallet by the name of Pay spark. Pay spark has grown big especially within the online gambling sector and can be used for instant Ezipay casino deposits. Pay spark was later renamed to EziPay but still offers the same extensive e-wallet service and credit card solution.

CSC24seven Ltd has their office located in Larnaca Cyprus, which is responsible for handling the systems architecture and development along with all administrative and control tasks. The owner of EziPay also holds an office in Lebanon where all of CSC24seven Ltd and EziPay customer service agents are located. 

Contact Details:

You can get in touch with EziPay using following contact details:
CSC24Seven.com Limited
22 Zachariadhes Court
15 Nicodemou Mylona Street
Larnaca, 6010,
Tel: +96 117 44962
E-mail: sales@csc24seven.com