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Looking for a EziPay Poker Room? Gambling Deposits has composed the most recent list of online poker sites and poker rooms who accept deposits trough EziPay. This online gambling page has been dedicated to only give information about pokerrooms that support EziPay.

EziPay is more than just an online payment system. EziPay is also a Debit Card service which enables the user to make withdrawals from regular ATM machines at over 1 million locations, shattered across the world. This credit card service combined with the EziPay e-wallet makes EziPay one of the leading methods for deposits and withdrawals to and from a users poker account. With the EziPay Debit Card connected to the online service, no withdrawal made from the online EziPay e-wallet takes more than a few seconds. The funds received from the ATM and linked to the EziPay account are always in the local currency, so you never have to exchange money.

The EziPay card is not only valid for ATM machines, when you cash out the money earned at a poker room, but also serves as a valid way to transfer money to poker accounts. The Card can also be used at offline merchants such as shops, traveling agencies or hotels. The EziPay card can be used at any place that accepts Mastercards.

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Party Poker

EziPay is a subsidiary of a Cypriote company established in 2003 and named CSC24seven LTD. CSC24seven Ltd is in itself a spawn from two previously started companies in Cyprus: a credit card service company named S.A.L  holdings and DataCash Limited. CSC24seven received authorization required to run a e-money business from the Central Bank of Cyprus. EziPay or Payspark as it used to be named was formed as an alternative to the regular payment methods that were used for online payments and mostly towards the online casino industry that has taken a substantial part of the online market in terms of recreation and fun.

EziPay is a very common way of depositing into a poker account and is used by thousands of gamblers every day for poker deposits.

Important note: Unfortunately at this time Gambling Deposits cannot offer an online poker room that accepts deposits trough EziPay. Instead we recommend the above poker room(s) who accepts a wide range of alternative deposit options.