Fasterpay is a fast and easy way for UK citizens to deposit money on gambling websites. Fasterpay works as a payment gateway, making use of the absolute of the latest technology to provide a quick, safe and easy way to deposit money into either a online web shop or on to a gambling account via the players already existing Internet Banking portal. The introduction of UK ´s Faster Payment service makes it possible for any one to make payments over the internet as hassle free at it is humanly and technologically possible, the few alternatives for Fasterpay are Intercash poker, intercash bingo, casino and sportsbook transactions.

No person that is using the Fasterpay payments gateway never has to worry about entering any credit card details  into any sites online where the user would like to make a payment. With Fasterpay there are no new Passwords or Usernames to remember, there are also no additional charges. All payments via Fasterpay are made instantly via the customer’s existing Internet Banking portal. With this service the user never has to set up any new accounts or make transfers between e-wallets and bank before the money can be spent online at any type of merchant.  

16 banks and financial institutes has already started to implement the Fasterpay technology including Barclays, Citibank, Royal Bank of Scotland and First Direct just to name a few of theme. The Fasterpay system is fast and secure, there is no need to enter credit or debit card details and Fasterpay ensures that the user do not need worry about whether or not the details will be passed on to third parties since Fasterpay never releases any details. Any user can with the help of Fasterpay make gambling payments via internet and telephone banking.

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Available Currency:

Fasterpay operates a payment platform using the Faster Payment Service (FPS) which makes faster pay exclusive for customers within the UK banking sector using. 16 banks in and financial institutes from all over the United Kingdom has already made them self a part of the Fasterpay system, and more are to come. Since Fasterpay connects a persons online bank account to the merchant receiving the payment the Fasterpay user only has to care about the money in the bank account and the money is sent directly from whatever currency the bank account holder has their account set in.   

Fasterpay offers the following currencies to merchants or consumers: UK Pound Sterling.


Fasterpay uses the Faster Payment Service platform, this makes Fasterpay a payment solution only targeting the UK market and thereby have a decision being made that Fasterpay only will use English in their online based payment solution. Everyone who owns an account at FasterPay can reach the online payment company by both  telephone and via the e-mail form that is available on the FasterPay website if there would ever be a need for support.

Fasterpay offers the following languages to make use of their services: English.

General Info:

Faster Pay Ltd is a company incorporated in England and Wales, the company was formed for the sole purpose of bringing UK customers the ability to take advantage of the new Faster Payment Service (FPS) by facilitating payments for goods and services online via their existing bank accounts. The Chief Executive Officer is Paul Fargus, Paul has been involved in online payments since 1999 when he facilitated online billing soutions for eZeView but have since then been the driving force behind FasterPay.


Fasterpay is based on Faster Payment, it’s a new service from 2008 and was introduced by 13 leading banks and building societies in the UK. This service allowed for the first time payments to be made from UK bank accounts to online merchant’s sites instantly and safely. The Faster Payments service was from the beginning a way for bank customers to make bank transactions between banks making sure that the money was sent instantaneously between the bank accounts no matter what bank the customer held an account at. The Fasterpay service for customers that is integrated into online merchants and at gambling sites all across the internet at this point the FasterPay technology allows customers to purchase goods and services online without needing to enter credit or debit card details or even a username or password.

Contact Details:

You can get in touch with Visa Fasterpay trough the following contact details:
Faster Pay Ltd
161 High Street
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0)845 224 96 45
Fax: +44 (0)1482 219 411
E-mail: Mail form trough the website