EU Casino VIP Lounge

Mar 25, 2011

In recent times online casinos have developed a reputation of just taking players money and quite rarely players winning. On this occasion things are totally different as we’ve experienced with EU Casino when they launched their VIP Lounge for all players to join and to enjoy. Now you might be saying same old VIP Lounge as the next online casino, but there are some serious innovations that were done to make this possibly one of the best online casino VIP lounge in the market.

So what makes this VIP Lounge at EU Casino so special you may ask? Well the answer is quite simply cash back for each and every bet made. That’s right, for each and every bet made at EU Casino, the player is entitled to receive a portion back of their deposit. Ok so how do you qualify for this great innovation, players need to earn 401 players points per month and then the cash back will kick in and players will receive their cash back benefit. There is also a benefit table on their site where players can see how much they qualify for.

VIP points are calculated based on various factors and the type of games players play. But rest assured that for every bet that is made, the points will accumulate. We mentioned earlier that players must reach 401 points before the cash back kicks in, players also have the opportunity to move up levels and the higher the level the player reaches the more money they can get back in their cash back. With a variety of depositing methods on offer players can use Neteller or Entropay to make their deposits at the casino.

Furthermore have you ever come across a casino which offers you your own personal VIP manager? Well EU Casino  will do just that once players reach a certain threshold, and players don’t have to wait a whole month to move up between levels, if a player spends more that 2000 in a 7 day period, they can be moved up to the next level of the VIP Lounge by contacting their VIP Customer Service contact. A truly great casino with endless possibilities.