Free money at Ladbrokes Casino

Mar 14, 2011

We usually warn players to be careful when choosing casino which offers excessive online bonuses, we still stand by our opinion but we need to share a new great promotion being offered by Ladbrokes Casino. They have been front runners in the UK market for a couple of years now and there have been quite a lot of development on their side with mergers and partnerships being in the pipeline. With that said their product development side has improved immensely hence the new offerings to their players.

Like mentioned before, free money can be very dangerous and online casinos have always had pages full of terms and conditions that go hand in hand with their promotions. Ladbrokes Casino has come up with a simple promotion which will generate ample of players and the best aspect of this offering is its simplicity. The first part of the promotion is to get players familiar with the casino and the offering is download the casino, register an account and receive £25 free with no deposit required.

For the more experienced players out there who prefer to deposit money into their online casino accounts, Ladbrokes Casino also offers a second part of their new promotion. By downloading the casino, opening an account and by depositing by using one of their many deposit methods like PayPal, players can deposit and receive their first deposit bonus which is a whopping £200. Not bad considering it can be done in conjunction with the £25 free when opening a new account.

The promotion does not stop at just deposit bonuses. Ladbrokes Casino has decided to incentivise their players for making more than one deposit. Players wanting to make more than one deposit will be rewarded on their second deposit with 20 free spins on the video slot Tomb Raider 2. To recap the offering at this online casino. Players must register an account, receive £25 free. On their first deposit they will receive a bonus up to £200 and on their second deposit they will receive 20 free spins. Happy Gaming!