Play less, Win More

Mar 11, 2011

Party Poker is at it again by offering their players a great new promotion where players can win up to $3000 in cash by participating at their poker tables. Easier and simpler it cannot be for player to get their hand on this money, and that is why this promotion is called Play less, Win More. The new promotion is so simple, all you have to do is select the prize level that best suits your play then hit the steadily decreasing points targets as the month progresses.

The great aspect of this promotion is that the more the points target goes down, the value of the prizes increases. Party Poker has always been and will always be an innovative online operator giving back to their players whenever it is possible. They also offer a wide variety and array of online gambling deposit methods, with Neteller and Moneybookers their most preferred online deposit methods.

So how does this promotion actually work at an online poker room? Players have the opportunity to opt in at any time, but need to choose at what level to opt in. The second part consists of players needing to meet point targets  to obtain their first prize. The smaller point targets are met the more prizes are up for grabs and the best part of this promotion, whatever prize you claim it is yours to keep. So players are advises to claim as much as possible, cause it’s all for the keeping.

Party Poker promotes safe and fair gambling, and they always provide advice to their players. For this promotion some guidelines are set out, and some good advice, spread your points over a couple of days, not everything must be won in day one. Choosing your prize level is also important, as it depends on the size of the prize.  Remember you get to keep all the prizes you earn. As the prizes get bigger, the point’s targets reduce making it even easier at the end of each level