What’s happening at Roxy Palace?

Feb 14, 2011

Through the years of being in the online casino industry we have seen companies and operators evolve to such an extent that it meant that they have a brand new lookout on the industry. By putting on a new face and exploring the wonderful world of online gambling, operators are more confident and can offer better deals for their players. Roxy Palace Casino used to be a down the barrel type of online casino where everything was either black or white.

These days there seem to be a lot of new things happening at Roxy Palace Online Casino, and it’s all for the better. They have a new strategy which will invite new players and retain older players all to the benefit of the online gambling industry. Over the last couple of months there has been a wholesale movement in their creative department which leads us to the main reason for this article. Roxy Palace is moving out of the black and White phase and moving straight into a colourful and profitable mosaic of colours.

So what have they brought to the table for players in their new outlook on gambling? Firstly they have succeeded in providing new and innovative ideas.  Their latest promotion is the Thunderstruck 2 promotion where they are giving away 60 free spins on this fantastic online video slot, and it’s not just the free spins that come with it, a healthy 100% bonus is also thrown into the mix. To top things off Roxy Palace has announced a brand new bonus system whereby players can earn up to 1250 euro in bonuses.

At Roxy Palace Casino it’s not just about the free spins and great bonuses, but the greater picture of things. Payment methods and banking plays a huge role at Roxy and they are pioneers in finding payment methods to suit each market. A great example of this is where they use Click and Buy in the German market to market their products and it’s been a great success up to date. So Roxy Palace is moving away from being a boring operator to becoming one of the most fun places to play at. Try them out and enjoy great promotions and you never know when that magic retention bonus comes your way.