Betting Systems

Feb 2, 2011

Once again the old story is to be told, and the question to be asked if betting systems actually does work or not. Some players are firm believers of betting systems at casinos and other think that it’s a money making scheme. The same can apply to books being sold telling people to play certain slots as well as how to manipulate the betting system by playing one or two coins at a slot machine. One thing is sure and that players that use betting systems are actually throwing their money away in the water and should therefore be advised that betting systems are no good.

The main reasons for the statement made in the paragraph above is that being in the casino and gambling industry a long time, we have seen players throwing away money towards betting systems. Don’t get us wrong, there are certain betting and gambling techniques but those techniques have been proven over the years to prolong the game and also the player’s money. Betting techniques like Martingale has been around a long time and players use this technique at the Roulette table. A great casino to play Roulette is Party Casino where players are handsomely rewarded for their efforts.

Another reason players tend to throw in the towel when it comes to betting systems is that the system only works for 2 parties. The first party is the person or company selling the system, they make the money. The second party is the casino as the betting system backfires and the players loses all their funds. Players must also stay clear of deposit methods not known to them and they should always trust payment methods which have been around for a long time. Such a payment method or system can be found at either PayPal or Moneybookers.

The final remark we would like to make is quite a simple one for players. Why would a person or company sell a betting system to make you rich overnight? If so why didn’t they keep the secret to themselves to enrich themselves? Players must be very careful when going down this rabbit hole and be vigilant towards betting systems and programs promising them all the money in the world from online casinos. To conclude, players are advised not to use betting systems and rather stick to the same old recipe for all – just plain luck!