Change is good

Jan 26, 2011

We have always promoted a certain brand of casinos or sports betting rooms which we found are reliable, transparent and in favour of the player. However it is also a good thing for operators to make some changes when it comes to pleasing their players and that is what Roxy Palace Casino has done by asking their loyal players what they would want their casino to offer and to produce for their enjoyment. An independent marketing campaign was started and there was some great ideas that was compiled and therefore they have been implemented.

The major change that Roxy Palace Casino came up with was the bonus change where Roxy enhanced their old boring bonus to something which in our opinion is something exciting and can be quite profitable to players utilising it to the fullest. The second big change Roxy made was their interface, where they replaced the cluttered look with something clean and refreshing. Their landing page is of such high quality that players can navigate their way through the site now effortlessly.

When it comes to change players are not to be taken out of their comfort zone hence the major changes will only have a big effect on new players coming through to the casino. For the older players they have come up with retention bonuses to work hand in hand with payment methods like Neteller as well as repurchase bonuses where players will receive extra money when they use certain deposit methods. 

Another issue that ties in with our topic regarding change is the fact that players should not jump from casino to casino. We do understand that if your luck has run out at a particular casino then you can try another one, but sometime it is better just to stick it out at a casino and hope that your luck will change for the better. Players find that if they are familiar with a certain casino then it’s easier to navigate between games where as at a newer casino it will be a bit tougher to do the same.