Gambling stocks has had a record of good growth

Oct 21, 2009

There are hundreds of gambling companies around Europe of all sizes and with different ways of setting up their business. Some of the companies are privately owned whilst others has decided to go public with their company in various stock markets around Europe. Gambling companies has been around online for the past 12 to 13 years and the growth of the online gaming sites has been gigantic during this decade and that has been a good fortune for some who has decided to invest in stocks at the early stages.

Most of the companies are still growing and showing good result no matter how bad the downswing of the economy has been the past year. There are several good examples of this, first of all there is Betsson that has had an increase of their stock value of 62% since 1st of January 2009 and according to analysts the Betsson stock will keep on rising all throughout the year.

Unibet Group is another stock that has had a tremendous growth during 2009 and has gone from 10,8 Euros at the beginning of the year to 18,4 Euros today. Making at a close to 80% increase. These two are prime examples on the growth of the betting industry becoming something that more and more people do.

There are of course examples where the stocks have gone down but overall the stocks in the online gaming segment has had a better growth then the general index.  If there are any readers that might be interested in the stock market for betting companies it is always good to know that there always is a risk of losing the money that has been invested in stocks.