Good poker players know when to change pace

Oct 28, 2009

Poker is a fun and entertaining game no matter if the player spends time online playing poker, playing with friends or is in one of the major tournaments that is going on around the world close to everyday of the year. Playing poker can be everything from a fun game where players don’t care about the money to a competition amongst friends where the honor of winning is the greatest prize or to big cash prizes that can change the players life completely making them millionaires and have the possibility to live of the game.

Poker is not just a fun game it is a very complex game and it is not just about what cards a player has that counts in to the decisions the player makes on the poker table. There are many different things that a poker player has to keep in mind to become a really good player that can compete on the highest levels that has nothing to do with the cards in the hand or on the table. Things like style of play, look for weaknesses in the other players, know how to act when to bluff or know when its time to fold a hand that might be the best.

One thing that is important to learn is to how to change gears (e.g. go from passive to aggressive) when playing poker. A player that is playing passive is building a character of just playing the best cards there is and that player will gain respect from the other players when the player goes in to a pot. By changing gears from being a passive player to an aggressive player the table image the player has set up can help the player to bluff in many pots and pick up lots of money in a short while before changing back to play passive a few hands after. An aggressive player that plays a lot of pots well be seen as a player that can be bluffed and by changing the game from an aggressive player to a passive player that only plays the best cards for a while the other players can still think that he is playing bad card instead of the best and the first player will be able to pick up more money. Changing gears is nothing that a player should do all the time since a key element to this is that the player has established a table image before starting to change his/her play.