Holiday seasons means holiday bonuses

Dec 2, 2009

Nobody that owns an internet connection has probably missed that its about to become Christmas time all over the world and that people should be even more nice to each other and care about each other just a bit more than usual. In the northern hemisphere it is getting darker and darker throughout the whole month of December but candles start lighting up in the windows shining a bright light to warm all of us. Online gambling sites has also taken the holidays to the heart and offers extra rewards for their players.

The jolly season that just started brings lots of extra value  to all players new and old and that through several different campaigns. Most of the online gambling sites out there knows that Christmas is a big thing and wants to honor that with special campaigns such as Christmas calendar campaigns or special Christmas bonuses. And after Christmas it usually is offered special new year’s eves bonuses to celebrate the oncoming new year and the prosperity it will bring to all people around the world.

The bonuses and campaigns often comes in a form of a Christmas calendar with a new bonus for every day of December all up to the 24 or even the 25 of December and the prizes gets larger for every day. The gifts can be special tournaments with added money or free spins at a slot machine or even free money in the payers account. So in essence where ever a player decides to play from the 1st of December to the start of January, the player will be able to collect a lot of free money through bonuses and special Christmas gifts from the gambling sites as long as the player logs in to the account every day.