Looking for the best casino

Mar 16, 2011

How is it that players can jump from casino to casino like a noble honey bee going from flower to flower, without getting totally confused with regards to what is being offered? By jumping from casino to another casino players are actually negatively impacting their chances of winning. Casino relies on algorithms which determines as to when a certain slot machine can pay out. They however have zero control over the software which determines when the payout will take place.

So if players are jumping from casino to casino, they are actually making it easier for the regular casino patrons who play at one casino one day after another to hit the jackpot or big winnings more regularly. Players playing at Unibet Casino as an example and play there more often than not, are in a better position to win more money as what players that jump around from casino to casino. Players also tend to lose more money playing at various casinos than playing at only one.

We are not saying that players should not move around amongst casinos, we are merely saying that by playing at too many casinos can negatively affect a player’s bank roll. If players keep on moving around, just think what their transaction fees would be like through online payment companies. That is why online casinos prefer E-Wallets for their players like Neteller or Click and Buy, as it alleviates costs to the casino.

For casinos it is vital that players stay loyal and therefore casinos will have departments in place to keep those players loyal to them. A casino will provide extra bonuses, deposit bonuses to keep players and player can only benefit by playing at a particular casino. Players are therefore advised to keep their casino choices limited and to choose wisely where and when to play. At the end of the day it is the player who will benefit from doing so.