Luck is not always fun

Nov 25, 2009

The thrill of gambling is as ancient as the history of civilization and even if professional gamblers don’t want to think so luck is one of the greatest factors in any gambling game no matter if it is in the casino playing black jack, roulette Caribbean stud, Slot machines or if the player bets money on a basketball game or simply sitting down at a poker table trying to win the opponents money. But luck is not always good in a casino since it sometimes happens to other people than yourself and it’s easy to get frustrated on lucky people.

All of us want to be the lucky player that walks away with the pot from the poker table or hits that high odds bet or even hit a massive jackpot playing a slot machine in the casino but most of us never get that lucky when we decide to gamble.  There is hardly anything more frustrating sitting beside a person that is lucky in all of the bets the player does or if the player just hits all the right cards to finish the poker hand he would need to win and beats someone else’s hand on the last card when the other player deserves to win the hand.

It is just not envy that is one of the negative sides with luck when gambling online or at a casino or bookmaker. When a player has a good run the player can easily get the feeling that he is unstoppable and that all bets will be a safe cash. This might make the player to bet higher and higher until he finally loses more money then the player has won at first. Even if there are a few downsides to luck I think we all can agree that we would rather be lucky at some point than having no luck at all when gambling.