Play progressive jackpots

Dec 29, 2010

One topic we always seem to ignore is about players wanting to play progressive jackpots. We always seem to tell players not to chase progressive jackpots, but we never seem to tell player to play them as much as possible. Just think about the composition of online progressives which consists of a couple of online casinos contributing towards a massive online jackpot amount which could be won at any time. Players therefore need to make sure that some of their bankroll should go towards playing a progressive jackpot.

Players are divided when it comes to choosing which progressives they want to play. Mega Moolah is one of the industry’s most known online progressive and has the reputation to be the biggest one too. Casinos offering this progressive are Ladbrokes Casino and Roxy Palace Casino. Mega Moolah recorded the gambling industry’s biggest winner when a player won over 14 million Euros. So it is clear that by playing a progressive jackpot slots players are in line to win massive amounts of cash.

Our Tip therefore for this week is focused on progressive jackpots and where to play them. Microgaming has developed a major network where each casino contributed towards the progressive, so it does not just rely on one casino to come up with all the cash, but a combined accumulation of funds from each casino which belongs to that specific network. To make things easier for players casinos will assist players in making deposits by offering them easy deposit methods like Neteller.

Not just the Microgaming network offers progressive jackpots, the Playtech network of casinos are also in the running to make players very rich. It basically comes down to each individual online casino network to provide a progressive jackpot and players should check which progressives are available at their chosen casino. Roxy Palace Casino for example have over 25 progressive jackpots which pay out on a very regular basis.