Play the rush

Jan 6, 2010

Two concepts are more important than any others when it comes to online gambling, the two rules of online gambling. The first thing is to not play for more money than any player can afford to lose,  The player probably won’t lose but just in case the player becomes unlucky the player should never feel the stress of risking more money than the player can afford. The second concept and the topic of this tip are to play the rush and break and stop playing when the player is cold and unlucky.

Sure according to simple math it doesn't really matter if you're winning or losing, every play you make on an online casino like Betsson or Ladbrokes is independent of the play you just made. But in reality this is not true, a player that is hot and winning most bets will most of the time continue winning even if math tells us otherwise. 

Most winning players knows this and that’s often why they are winning, when they are in the middle of a rush they push their action hard and don't stop betting until the rush is over, making sure to play the rush and cash in when the opportunity appears. On the other hand they also realize that when you are on a cold streak and losing a lot its better to just quit, chasing loses are something bad players do and it often ends up costing them the whole bank roll.

So once online playing, if you find yourself winning a couple of plays and doing well raise the stakes and make sure to use the momentum of the rush to your advantage. Not pushing the rush to the max is like giving away money, that’s kind of stupid when most of us play for the thrill and the pleasure of making money.