Playing in one currency

Mar 9, 2011

Often players think that they can switch currencies at casinos and they can get out more at the end of the day. The matter of fact is that it’s not true. The fact is that once players download and open a casino account, they need to choose which currency to play in, and therefore they cannot switch between currencies at casinos. There the casinos have become very clever by empowering the player to choose the chosen currency and to stick to his or decision.

Plenty online casinos like Roxy Palace Casino and EU Casino lets the player choose in which currency they want to transact and by doing that it also makes the transaction fees lower as there are not a variety of currencies flowing through the financial department at the casino. Certain payment methods also allows online players to choose in which currency they would like to transact in. A good example of this is Neteller where player can choose to fund their accounts in either Pound, Dollar and Euro to mention but a few.

In a perfect world casino and poker rooms would love to force players to transact only in once currency, but in the real world that is a very difficult thing to achieve. Players will always be between the three major currencies and this will always force the hand of the online operators to offer these currencies to their players. By doing so they offer a wider variety of depositing methods which goes hand in hand with the currency chosen. Neosurf which is used in the French market will only accept Euro as deposit method, whilst the bigger deposit options will accept a multiple of currencies.