Playing New Slot Games

Feb 23, 2011

It happens more often than not that online players get tired of the same old video slot games out there. It also is bound to happen that players get frustrated with slot games and then makes a conscious move over to table games. There is however a new video slot in town and it promises to provide ample entertainment and will provide a lucky winner with a huge amount of winnings. Its also a way of expanding the games offering and by doing so some casinos shows growth by offering new games on a regular basis.

EU Casino has done just that, by launching a great new game called Vampires Feast. So you may ask what makes this game so special, and the answer lies in the 3D animation used as well as the real live sounds of horror that goes hand in hand with this great new game. EU Casino also boasts a wide range of deposit methods and if you saw our article regarding their bonuses, you can surely use Neteller or Paysafecard to obtain a much bigger deposit bonus than advertised on their site.

Getting back to Vampires Feast and it’s features, the video slot entitles players to win up to 100 000 coins, and players tend to say that it is only possible if you play the maximum number of coins. Well, this is where this video slot is different, each person can win this, and the video slot enables players to play at a very low denomination, so every player from the most experienced high roller to the newest kid on the block can win at playing this slot.

Another great feature of this slot game is the fact that it provides players with two bonus features. The bonus features are however not based on luck but based on skill, so for the skilled online gamblers there is an opportunity to clean up the house and it’s not every day a casino is giving this opportunity to their players. The slot game will feature everything related to Vampires from garlic right through to the silver bullets. Enjoy the new slot and may the best slot player win.