Use prepaid cards to Deposit Money online

Dec 23, 2009

Many players are worried when making payments online that their credit card details would be stolen and used against their permission or an e-wallet account would be hacked and the money in the account would be stolen. There are several ways to secure online payments for any player that is gambling in any way online. Its possible to either use virtual cards that changes numbers every time the card is used to make a deposit into an online gambling account or buying goods from a merchant online.

Another very good way to make a deposit into an online gambling site for a player is to use a prepaid card like Ukash or PaysafeCard. Since the prepaid card always has a set amount on the card it is impossible to spend more money than the card is bought for. If the card would be stolen by either a hacker or on the street the card the thief can never spend more money than the value of the card. The cards are as simple to use as usual credit cards as well and that makes it a safe and usefull way to make online payments

Prepaid cards are good for other reasons than the safety aspect as well. Prepaid cards are usually very easy to get a hold of from a local store all over the world. Since it is possible to buy the cards in a store it is possible to buy the cards using cash and in the end the money that is turned from cash into a prepaid card can be used online as well. With the versitillity of using cash online Paysafecard and Ukash makes it two excellent ways of making Payments into a PaysafeCard Casino or a Ukash Casino for any online player.