InstaDebit offers an online payment service which verifies the customer’s bank account in just seconds and lets the consumer pay instantly for any product bought or money transferred into an online casino, poker room, bingo hall or sports betting site. This is without the hassle of writing down a credit card number, or the opening of an extra account that is expensive and hard to maneuver.  Most important is that instant gambling deposits are handled instantly, without going through any part that takes ages for a withdrawal to be transferred back to the bank account. Registering an InstaDebit account is easy. All the consumer needs to do is to use the online registration form to fill out personal details and a bank account number. InstaDebit will verify the identity in real time, which is usually done in seconds.

Most online shoppers hesitate when they come to a point of providing bank details for a purchase or a real money deposit to a gaming site, due to the extensive time it usually takes for the deposits to reach the shop or gambling site. When using InstaDebit the transfer is made instantly to the gambling site, Fasterpay sportsbook or online shop instead of taking between 3-5 days as it most often does when you use a bank account only.  When you deposit funds to a merchant the only thing the InstaDebit user needs to do, is fill out the InstaDebit username and password to continue with the payment. InstaDebit is only available for Canadian customers since the Safeport act was voted through in the American senate. The Safeport act regulates the way to handle online payments for United States citizens. InstaDebit never charges any of their consumers extra fees when they use InstaDebit. InstaDebit only charges the merchants for the service provided.

The company InstaDebit has received the Trust-e seal as a sign of the safe and reliable way InstaDebit handles their customer’s personal details. The Trust-e seal is a program monitored by the government and the online industry. All receivers of the Trust-e seal have proved that the company acts under all standards and guidelines set by the government and industry.

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Available Currency:

InstaDebit is an online payment service for all Canadian customers and solely Canadian customers. When you use InstaDebit the funds deposited to an account will be withdrawn from the local bank account the player stated at the start. When the transfer is made, it often is made in US Dollars instead of the local Canadian dollar and when this is done the deposit will be converted against daily exchange rates.

InstaDebit offers the following currencies to their account holders: US Dollar, Canadian Dollar.


Since InstaDebit is available only for Canadian customers, InstaDebit haven’t had any reason of expand to more than the two native languages spoken throughout Canada. But so far Instadebit hasn’t expanded any further than English. This leaves the focus at all English speaking Canadian customers with a toll-free telephone number that is available all hours of the day and all days of the week. InstaDebit also offers customer support through a chat option within the InstaDebit consumers account and by e-mail or regular mail.

InstaDebit offers support the following languages: English.

General Info:

InstaDebit is a native Canadian company based in the heart of Toronto, with a focus on its local market. This is the same with Bpay who offers only Bpay bingo deposits for Australian customers The InstaDebit service is provided as a swift and secure option to deposit funds into a players account or to shop for products online without disclosing personal account numbers or personal details. The procedure for a sign-up of a an InstaDebit account is just one online form where the consumer states its personal details and way of contact along with the bank account details that is going to be connected to the InstaDebit. InstaDebit’s identification tool INSTADEBIT identifies the data put into the form and within seconds the customer is granted access to start depositing or purchasing online with one push of the button.


InstaDebit had a clear view of what they wanted to achieve from the very start of the company, when it started in 2003. From the start, the plan was to make a payment service that enables customers to use their own local bank accounts online but without the hassle of filling out personal details and waiting for several days for the purchase or transfer to get through. In 2004 InstaDebit introduced their INSTADEBIT identification tool, which analyses several components in the application form the consumer fills out when he or she registers for an InstaDebit account. 

The analyses made by the tool incorporate the social security number along with the bank account number and matches that to a geo localization program which targets the IP-address and makes sure whether it is Canadian. InstaDebit has had a very strong focus on security, from the start to present date. All actions performed with a consumers account is closely monitored with tools tracking IP addresses internet service provider and routing information. This is to identify if any fraudulent behavior is present.

Contact Details:

You can get in touch with InstaDebit trough the following contact details:
INSTADEBIT Services Inc.,
125-720 King Street West,
P.O. Box 132,
Toronto, ON M5V 3S5,
Tel: +1 877 883 3248