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myCitadel wallet is an online payment system which operates as a so-called e-wallet. An e-wallet is a payment solution that works just as a normal wallet: the customer can transfer money to the e-wallet account to use for online shopping or to make Intercash casino transactions. The reason why it’s called an e-wallet instead of an e-bank account is that no interest is paid to the user of myCitadel wallet or any other e-wallet. When one uses the my Citadel e-wallet for purchases or transfers online, no personal details are ever shared with any third party. The only detail a myCitadel e-wallet user discloses is a username and a security code.

The security code that is used for the myCitadel Wallet online, is a code that the user chooses when he registers for a myCitadel account. This security code is used when you make payments or transactions to a merchant or gaming site. The security code is not supposed to be the myCitadel password and serves as extra protection when you purchase on the World Wide Web.  After you have registered for the account and your e-mail address is confirmed, a deposit to the account is needed for use of the myCitadel Wallet online. Three options can be used to transfer money to the myCitadel wallet: Electronic check (ACH, only available in Canada), an instant bank transfer from the user’s bank account or via a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card. All of the above mentioned deposit options are handled instantly and will fund the myCitadel wallet with amount the user has chosen and without any fees for the service.

The myCitadel Wallet webpage is easy to navigate on and the first view the customers reaches is how much money still is available in the e-wallet. It is also shown how much withdrawal balance the account has if there is any withdrawal pending. The third thing showed is the WP balance and this indicates how much money still is available in the myCitadel account to transfer to a merchant. If a user would like to review specific transfers to an online casino or shop: all actions are stored and easy to find under the account summary menu on the left hand side. When you set-up a new account there are limits to how much money is possible to have in the myCitadel e-wallet. These limits are set by default on €150 but it is easy for a consumer to raise these limits.  By certifying the user’s identity to myCitadel it becomes possible to increase your limits. For certification, you have to hand in copies of a driver’s license, passport or a national identity card; the user sends the documents to myCitadel using either email or fax. As soon as myCitadel can verify the customer the limits are raised immediately within the myCitadel account and it’s possible to deposit up to €1.400 on daily basis and up to a total of €2,300 every week.

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Available Currency:

myCitadel wallet is a multinational company and offers their services to a wide range of countries in the world. This reflects in the range of currencies available for the myCitadel customers to choose from. When you register at the My Citadel wallet, you can choose to enter your whereabouts in the world and myCitadel automatically sets the currency for the user. The currency chosen for the customer is based on the most used currency in the specific region the myCitadel Customer is located in, like Euro for Europeans or U.S dollars or Canadian dollars for the users in North America.

myCitadel wallet offers the following currencies to have a myCitadel account in: US Dollar, Euro, UK Pound Sterling, Canadian Dollar, Swedish Krona, Chinese Yuan.


myCitadel has expanded rapidly in recent years. During these years, they have also added extra languages to the languages they already offer. myCitadel so far focused on five languages to cover the large population on the European and American continents. With the website and all guides translated into these five languages (German, French, English, Spanish and Portuguese) myCitadel Wallet targets nearly half of the total world population (2,675 Billion). Even if the site is translated into multiple languages, the live support available on chat en telephone is still only offered in English.

myCitadel Wallet offers the following languages to make use of their services: English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese.

General Info:

myCitadel is a part of Citadel Commerce, a publicly listed company which falls under the regulation of and is authorized by the United Kingdom Financial Security Authority. Citadel Commerce corp. has more payment systems than myCitadel Wallet available in their organization and the flagship product is an electronic check system for Canadian banks, called Citadel Direct Canada. Citadel Commerce has developed all the necessary software and hardware to easily integrate the online check system into the bank systems all major Canadian banks use. All the products developed by Citadel Commerce have integrated fraud detection and risk software built in to their products making them safe for the merchants, banks as well as the user that uses myCitadel and Citadel Direct Canada.


In the early stages of the year 2000, Citadel Commerce Corp was founded with the intention of taking a big part of the Canadian financial market. With the electronic check system they developed for the banking companies throughout Canada, they made a big step. In 2003, when the online gambling business reached new heights being the most common way to amuse oneself on the internet, myCitadel Wallet emerged as a solution for players to transfer money into online player accounts. The payment system spread and got the reputation of being safe and secure for both players and merchants. With a built-in security protocol and no chargeback’s for online gambling sites like Bet at Home, myCitadel became a big player as an online gambling payment system

With online gambling reaching over $60 billion in transfers and over $3 billion in revenue during 2008, Citadel Commerce took a wise decision in launching their payment solutions to more markets than just Northern America .Today myCitadel is available in 5 languages as well as 6 different currencies. The expansion of the company lead to the opening of two new offices during 2007, one in Costa Rica and one in Malta.

Contact Details:

You can get in touch with myCitadel wallet the following contact details:
Northfield House, Northfield End,
Henley on Thames,
Oxford shire, UK RG9 2JG
United Kingdom
Fax: +1-281-754-4843  
Tel: +1 604 639 2971