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Looking for a myCitadel Wallet Sportsbook? Gambling Deposits has composed the most recent list of online sportsbooks and sports betting websites who accept deposits trough myCitadel Wallet. This online gambling page has been dedicated to only give information about sportsbook that support MyCitadel Wallet.

Sportsbook players show up massively to play online instead via the local offline sportsbook shop. They come from near and far, but most of the players like to bet on their own national leagues in football, ice hockey, basketball or on major events such as national horse races. With that many markets for sportsbook players and not everybody capable in English, it is important that myCitadel Wallet is translated into five other languages. These five languages cover more than a quarter of the world’s population which makes payments through myCitadel Wallet easy, even if you do not know any English.

To be able to operate online as a payment system, it is crucial to have good security measures in place. myCitadel Wallet uses their own fraud protection protocol and an in-house fraud analyst team to spot any irregular behavior of the transactions made. This is done not only to satisfy the players, which make the transfers to an online sports betting site, but also the sportsbook sites which handle millions and millions of dollars through myCitadel Wallet daily.

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The owners of myCitadel Wallet, Citadel Commerce Corp, started out in the year 2000 and introduced an electronic check system for the financial industry in Canada. This product was named Citadel Direct Canada and is still Citadel Commerce key product. The expansion of the online gambling industry, with products as sportsbook, casino, poker, and bingo, made that Citadel wanted to grow within this industry as well. A creation of the e-wallet service that myCitadel Wallet has to offer covers the gambling deposits instantly, and met the high standards of online gamblers. This was Citadels approach to participate in the ever growing industry and to enable fast and reliable payments to and from the major sportsbooks. myCitadel Wallet is definitely a major success of the Citadel Commerce Corp.

myCitadel Wallet is a very common way of depositing into a sportsbook account and is used by thousands of gamblers every day for sports betting deposits.