Paysafecard is a prepaid card, just like the ones used for telephones. It is accepted by thousands of websites like Unibet bingo in Europe and the United Kingdom. Paysafecard is a replacement for cash, which is useless as such on the internet. Via a cash payment at one of the 200.000 retail points, you are able to purchase a Paysafecard: a plastic card or voucher with a 16-figure serial code. This card makes it possible to pay online with (digital) cash for goods and services. The size and the look of the card do no matter as long as the card has been warranted by a machine or retail point of Paysafe.

Paysafecards are Available in 10, 25, 50 and 75 Sterling or similar vouchers in other currencies. Paysafe prepaid cards are only available for persons 18 years or older and if necessary the retail point might ask for a proof of legal age. The legal is age is 18 because Paysafecard vouchers are usually used online to handle gambling deposits. Otherwise, it becomes increasingly difficult to check for the legal age of gamblers. Prepaid cards warranted by Paysafecard are just like cash money. If you lose the card, everyone is able to make use of it in order to purchase goods or services.

If you make use of Paysafecard for your online transaction, you don’t need a bank account or credit card. By converting cash into a value with which you can pay online, all data of the buyer is protected. Third parties do not have access to your personal and financial details. Paysafecards are common among youth that don’t have a credit card yet, or among people that do not want to share personal details on the internet.

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Available Currency:

If you want to buy a Paysafecard, 6 different currencies are available. Because Paysafecards is oriented on the European market, you are not able to buy cards with a US Dollar currency. However, you still can buy or deposit money in any other currency than the currency of the card you have purchased. The daily exchange rates are published on the website of Paysafe Card. You are informed about the current exchange rates when you want to use your Paysafecard.

Paysafecard offers the following currencies to buy a prepaid card in: Euro, UK Pound Sterling, Polish Zloty, Swiss Franc, Czech Koruna, Slovakian Koruna.


The Paysafecard is available in 17 different European countries and the website is available in 13 different languages. The main markets of the Paysafecard are currently the United Kingdom and Germany, but due to the high rate of fraud on the internet, Paysafe card is gaining more popularity in other European countries. The network of retail points is extended nearly every day.

Paysafecard offers his services to citizens of: Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, Slovenia, The Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, France, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and Czech.

Paysafecard supports the following languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Polish, Czech, Slovenian, Romanian, Bulgarian.

General Info:

Paysafecard allows for converting cash into vouchers for later use on the internet. Due to an increasing number of cases related to online fraud, Paysafecard offers a safe and easy alternative for the credit card. A Paysafe Card is easy in use and available at many retail points. The total amount does not have to be used in one purchase. When the amount of purchase is lower than the value of the Paysafecard, you receive the change in a 16-figure new code. This code represents the left-over value of the change. You can use a maximum of 10 Paysafecards in a row for a deposit on an online gambling site.


Paysafecard originates in Austria and was developed in 2000 by Wertkarten AG. They became operational in 2001 with the website and their first office in Germany. In 2002 the first Paysafecard was sold via a retail point in Germany and the company really takes off. In 2003, over 90% of specialized outlets in Germany and Austria sell Paysafecards. In the following year, the number of websites that accepts Paysafecards grows to 1500. The number of retail points exceeds 20.000, spread over Germany and Austria. Another specialised payment option for the German market is DirectEbanking where our visitors can find more information on the DirectEbanking Poker and DirectEbanking Bingo pages. 

Paysafecard starts to grow and the company enters the markets of Greece, Slovenia, the United Kingdom and many other countries. Next to the introduction of the card, different currencies are being offered and the growth of the company in Europe progresses steadily. In 2008, Paysafecard is accepted as a financial institution and it receives an e-money license of the FSA (UK). Now, Paysafecard is an official and regulated supplier of financial services. In 2009 the prepaid cards are available in many countries and at over 200,000 different retail points.

Contact Details:

You can get in touch with Paysafecard trough the following contact details:
Prepaid Services Company Ltd
International House
1 Yarmouth Place
London W1J 7BU
United Kingdom
Fax: +44 (0)207 629 8410
Tel: +44 (0)203 326 7014