Poli is a payment method which specifically aims at the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zeeland and South Africa. Poli is mainly used for online payments to merchants online, such as gambling operators. The payment system Poli is built to connect the customers own internet bank with internet merchants. The system is easy to use, safe and reliable. All payments done with Poli are handled instantly and the money from the user’s bank account into the account that the user own on an online gambling operators site like Betboo poker is available immediately.

Poli’s system is directly connected to the Poli customers own local bank account and creates a safe way to purchase goods online without owning a credit card or debit card. After you have signed up for a Poli account and downloaded and installed the Poli client, the Poli user has to connect a bank account to the account. This is done easily through the local bank account or making use of the online guide that is located on the Poli website. The payment system is backed by 30 of the largest financial institutes in the four countries where Poli is available. When connecting Poli to one of these institutes the customer needs to be able to use the banks internet banking services.

Poli has focus on the safety aspects of money handling on the internet. Their safety features include 128 bit encryptions when you send information, such as personal information and payment details. No details are ever stored by Poli. Since no details of the users bank account number or the password are connected to the bank neither Poli nor any third party has access to any of the user’s personal details.

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Available Currency:

Even if Poli targets 3 different continents with the Poli payment system, Poli is still very local in the way it conducts business. Poli is so far only available in four countries with a span from Europe in the north to Australia in the south and Africa in the middle. The four countries targeted by Poli are Australia, New Zeeland, South Africa and the United Kingdom. When you pay via Poli all payments are withdrawn from the bank account in the local currency, even if the currency of payment varies. This depends on where the deposit is made.

Poli offers the following currencies to merchants or consumers: UK Pound Sterling, Canadian Dollar, South African Rand.


The regions targeted by Poli are all a part of the old British Empire, which used to span all around the world. It has been proclaimed that the sun never set son the British Empire since the span of the British Empire was from Canada in the west to New Zeeland in the east and the United Kingdom and India in-between. In all these territories English as a language has been part of the culture since the 1500s. With this in mind, Poli launched all the services in English.

Poli offers the following languages to make use of their services: English.

General Info:

Poli is operative with the help of two different companies. It depends on where the user resides which company is responsible for the players activity. Customers from Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zeeland are handled through the Centricom Pty Ltd system, based in Melbourne, Australia. The South African customers of Poli are handled through a company named Setcom Ltd Based in Rivonia, South Africa. Both companies supply the country’s largest financial institutes with the same service. The service they provide offers a smart way of money transfers online online from the internet banking facility to merchants or to an online gambling site. With Poli’s new way of handling the transactions from the banks to the merchants, Poli does not have any need of storing personal information or account information that can be sensitive to the customer.


Centricom knows a short but successful history with the Poli payment solution. In October 2004 Centricom launched their first version of the Poli payment system. This fast and reliable product was on track of becoming a good solution for the large financial institutes that target the four nations where Poli is active. The Poli system was designed to be integrated easily within a range from small clients to large corporate enterprises and government departments. The expertise in on-line processing of transactions made Poli a good link between the bank and internet merchants.

With Poli growing bigger, more eyes turned towards the Centricom Company and in august 2007 Centricom Pty Ltd announced that the UK based global payment system provider Neteller invested into the Poli payments system. They acquired 25% of the stocks in Centricom Pty Ltd as a strategic move for the future in the online payment industry. Neteller is a public company listed on to the London Stock Exchange and is comparable with Fasterpay poker transactions.

Contact Details:

You can get in touch with Poli trough the following contact details:
Poli, Setcom Ltd
P.O. Box 5803
Rivonia 2128
South Africa
Fax: +44 20 7681 3303
Tel: +44 (0)20 3051 6320
E-mail: Mail form trough the website.