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Looking for a Poli Poker Room? Gambling Deposits has composed the most recent list of online poker sites and poker rooms who accept deposits trough Poli. This online gambling page has been dedicated to only give information about pokerrooms that support Poli.

Poker players are used to handle online transactions with a payment solution such as Poli. This online gambling payment solution connects directly to the online poker room. For a poker player it is never an issue or question to register for an online payment service like Poli, and to download the software and install it in order to be fully functional. When the system is set up, it is very easy to connect an internet bank account to the Poli system and start with the transfer of funds from the personal bank account to the poker site of the player’s choice, while using Poli. Poli is a good way to avoid having to register a Visa Electron poker debit or credit card on an internet gaming site, and by doing so providing personal details to the supplier of online poker games or to a Poli bingo website.

When one use the Poli payment software from the desktop or laptop computer, no personal details with regard to your bank account or the players personal life is stored within the Poli software system. This prevention makes it impossible for any third party to acquire a players personal details or banking details through the Poli software payment system.

Play in an Online Poker room that accepts Poli deposits

Party Poker
Betfair Poker

In October 2004 Poli was launched by the two companies that have created the program in a joint venture: Centricom Pty Ltd for the markets of New Zeeland, Australian and the UK and Sitcom for the South African Market. The markets together have coverage of over 30 financial institutes within the four countries where Poli is accepted as a money transfer method into an online poker player’s account. In august 2007 one of the world leaders in online payment solutions Neteller acquired 25% of the company Centricom Pty Ltd. The Poli payment solution is used by Ladbrokes poker and Titan Poker and bu over 60,000 customers transferring money on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Poli is a very common way of depositing into a poker account and is used by thousands of gamblers every day for poker deposits.